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Garden pictures April 2012

24 Apr

Just a few pictures on how our garden is coming along.

We have a lot of canning, dehydrating, and food sharing in our near future.

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What zucchini harvest?

19 Apr

I have to laugh and giggle at these different gardening blogs I keep coming across….what to do with all your zucchini….too much zucchini? Here’s a fun recipe to try…..



Too MUCH zucchini? They clearly do NOT live in Florida, home of mold, fungus and waaaaaay to much humidity. Not exactly the best environment for zucchini.

Every year we struggle to grow zucchini and summer squash every season. We’re lucky if we get a handful. So if you have any brilliant ideas on how to grow zucchini in Florida, please enlighten us.

Our weather this year has been very mild and dry. Not typical Florida weather. Who named it the Sunshine state by the way?

Say hello to our little flying saucers…..

We have harvested about twice this amount so far this season. We are mainly using the zucchini for juicing. The flying saucer zucchini also works really well in sauteed dishes. It has a great texture and hold up well with heat.

Dr Oz, you are NOT smarter than an Okinawa Sweet Potato

24 Mar

I’ve been told many a time I have strange eating habits. Huh, what’s so weird about eating purple sweet potatoes?

My husband and I instantly fell in love with these potatoes while on our honeymoon in Hawaii last year. The yummy Okinawa Purple Sweet potato. Wow, babe, we could grow these in our Florida climate!!  So when we returned home, we searched endlessly. We tried California, local Oriental Food Markets, Hawaii, and yes, Japan, but no luck. What the heck? We finally discovered Hawaii has a little problem. They are called weevils. These weevils tirelessly decimate their crops. Hawaii’s answer to the weevil? Irradiate the crops. Well, darn it, you can’t sprout a sweet potato that’s been irradiated. And Hawaii has strict regulations about importing and exporting foods. It’s impossible to grow this sweet potato outside of Hawaii.

Apparently, Dr Oz, in all his brilliance, isn’t aware of this either. The Okinawan Sweet Potato: A Purple Powerhouse of Nutrition | Down to Earth. Thank you for the tease Dr Oz! Well I hope the Hawaiian’s are enjoying their new ‘superfood’. What about the rest of America?

Well, we found another purple sweet potato, the Stoke’s Purple Sweet Potato. (well, technically its a yam, but no one needs to know, shhhhhhh)   Purple Sweet Potatoes (Purple Yam) – Home of the Stokes Purple Sweet Potato – Stokes Foods, Inc..

So, if you’re invited to our house, and you’re served this for dinner…

know that a lot of time, hard labor, sweat, love, and patience, went into this fabulous tasting potato.

And no more making fun of me, Dr Oz thinks I’m cool for eating a superfood! 🙂

For more info Sweetpotato Production Guides for Hawaii.

Garden critter

21 Mar

Look who my husband found sneaking around in our garden his morning:0 A little baby gopher turtle.

He’s so tiny, he could fit right in the palm of my hand.