Here in Florida, gardening is……well, let’s say its a challenge, but not impossible. Poor soil, high humidity, pesky insects, and blazing hot temperatures makes growing any kind of plant nearly impossible.

People who move to Florida to make this sunshine state their home, often shake their heads in bewilderment and wonder how anyone grows a garden in our sandy, water repellent dirt.

My response to them, is….try growing your plants in a ‘self contained garden system’………….uhhhhh, a what???

The excuses I hear….Oh, I don’t think so, that sounds 1) too complicated 2) too expensive, 3) I don’t want to pay for shipping costs,  and for the really stubborn one’s…4) well, back in Montana, I simply planted a seed and it grew, I wanna grow my plants in the ground dammit!

Fine! You can sit back and watch me eat my super juicy, sweet tomatoes while you choke down your dull, bland tasting, poor excuse for a tomato from the grocery store!

If your a handyman (like my husband) you can easily search the internet and make your own system for significantly less.

However, prior to meeting my husband, I simply purchased my own self-contained gardening system online.

I have bought and currently use both the EarthBox  and The Garden Patch.

There are some basic differences between the two.


Pros: It has a stretchy cover like a shower cap that fits neatly around the perimeter. Instructions are straightforward.

Cons: More expensive, holds less water in the resevoir, approximately 2.5 gallons (only a guestimate)

The Grow Box

Pros:  A larger water reservoir, approximately 3.5 gallons.

Cons: The plastic cover looks and feels cheap, and its not secure.  HOWEVER, since perusing the website recently, I have noticed an improvement in their covers. I haven’t personally tested it at this time.

So, which do I recommend? I’m partial to Earthbox because the creator of the product is right here in Florida. It was created specifically for this purpose; growing tomatoes in Florida. The research center and nursery is located in Ellington, Florida.

However, the Garden Grow Box holds more water, a crucial necessity in steamy Florida.

I must admit I own more Grow Boxes, however, I always use the stretchy covers from Earthbox.

So, there you have it.

In case your wondering, we currently have approximately 23 “self-contained watering systems” in our yard, in addition to ground planting and several raised bed gardens.

Welcome to our garden:)

March 2012

April 2012

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